Central Eastern European Mission Centre is place where Christian teachings and evangelical mission trainings are given towards a Christ-like Christian lifestyle and effective evangelism.

The centre’s primary aim is to impact the Central Eastern European Christian community with practical and experimental teachings on how to be Christians and become effective evangelists in this end time and in every aspect of life. Using in depth Scrpritural teachings, seasoned teachers, and partner missionaries and institutions, the center offers systematic learning, fellowship and worship atmosphere for Christians of European origin and the rest of the world.

Central Eastern European Mission Centre

European Mission Conference 2023 | MAKO, Hungary

Dear Delegates,

Calvary greetings in Christ Most Holy Name. It is another mission year and mission conference 2023. We thank God for how He gave this vision and has been faithful leading it year by year. This year`s conference is going to be the third since inception and we are believing the Almighty God that He will take charge again.

It is obvious from the world news that the global accounts are intensifying day by day, from political to economic uncertainties; to global conflicts, rumors of wars, famine, insecurities among others. Indeed, it looks like the climax of everything known to us are collapsing right before our eyes and the threats of all these reports are demoralizing making the faith of most Christian faithful, as well as their services to wax cold. Remember the Great Commissioner in Matthew 24:12-13 says: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

To remind ourselves of the primary focus of the Gospel –JESUS CHRIST, encourage one another as Gospel ministers and messengers, discuss new mission frontiers and strategies, learn from, partner and network with the indigenous and local Hungarian and CEE Gospel ministers, as well as cement existing mission partnership and network globally, the CEEMC Conference Mako 2023 is themed: The Great Commissioner and His Great Commission.

This year`s conference will be in two phases, with the first phase starting by welcoming international delegates in Mako from Wednesday the 6th, then the conference starts from Thursday 7th and run through to Saturday 9th September in Mako, with a planned evangelistic outreach in Szeged that same day before moving to Budapest. The Second phase will be practical Mission Sections in Budapest from Sunday 10th through to Wednesday 13th September 2023 visiting local churches in praying for the continuous peace of Hungary as well as the region, and the revival of the gospel works and churches particularly across Central Eastern Europe, and the globe at large.

I pray that the Lord will use this conference to renew our love for Him, His works in our hands and also humanity at large. May the Spirit of the Living God be upon you all as we plan to see ourselves in Mako later in September.


Pastor Michael A DADA
President CEEMC Hungary

Central Eastern European Mission Centre

European Mission Conference 2022 | MAKO, Hungary

Greeting dear Brethren. Many thanks for your interest in this year`s European Mission Conference taking place from Thursday September the 8th to Saturday September the 10th of this year in Mako, Hungary (2hours 30minutes drive from Budapest the Hungarian capital city) with the theme:

Here Am I, Send Me Isaiah 6:8
This conference is tailored towards increasing necessary mission awareness, networking, missional synergies, and partnership towards the Central Eastern European region, by carefully and prayerfully sourcing for sincere missionaries that have Kingdom motivated interests in evangelizing the region while the doors are still open.

It also aims at building and mentoring native and foreign missionaries for Europe urban and rural evangelism that cuts across denominations.

This is going to be the second of this project and we are trusting God for step-by-step leading towards actualizing this project which we believe will be our annual thing and will eventually increase with positive testimonies over the years.

This year`s will have speakers and participants from Latvia, Romania, Nigeria, Norway, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and the UK. Thursday section will be a time of Christian self and mission reflections.

Friday will be sections for workshops, exhortations, networking and sharing of experiences.

Saturday will be another section for workshop (How to write tracts and books for evangelism) later with Baptism of converts from previous year mission work and dedicating of trained Mission workers. This will be rounded up with a Mission trip to Ofoldeak Village of 700 native Hungarian population.

Participants can fly in to arrive in Budapest for the weekend starting from Wednesday, we shall then arrange transportation on Thursday to Mako and to return Budapest on Saturday.

Participants can make their accommodation reservations both in Budapest and Mako via Booking.com However feedings shall be available during the conference.

Registration can be made starting from Monday the 4th July 2022.

Michael A DADA
President | CEEMC Hungary


Develop Spiritual Lifestyle

To develop the Christian spiritual lifestyles of European Christians through in depth Bible teachings.

Equip Christians

To train and equip European Christians for global missionary assignments.


Pst. Michael A. DADA

President CEEMC Hungary

Pst. Abi DADA

United Kingdom







Pst. Jácinta Papp





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